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Which languages ​​do you offer?

Conversial is your expert for specialised translations in multiple languages ​​and specialist fields.

Our services:

  • We translate into all standard Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern European languages
  • Our translation process is subject to high quality standards (four-eyes principle)
  • Our translators are qualified native speakers
  • Transparency for an accurate realisation of your translation project
  • We provide individual and personal support


How much does a specialised translation cost?

Quality – worth the price!
The price of a specialised translation will vary depending on the following factors: language pair, word count, specialist field, delivery date and additional services (Desktop Publishing). Prices for specialised translations range from €0.12 to €0.20 per word plus VAT. Prices may be significantly lower, depending on the number of repetitions in the text. You will find guide prices for specialised translations in the section pricing for specialised translations.

How long will it take you to create a specialised translation?

The time needed for a translation always depends on the length of the text and the number of projects we process in the requested language pair at the time of your enquiry. We usually calculate a translation volume of about 1,500 to 2,000 words per day. Consideration must also be given to the time it takes to organise a project, possible research, queries with customers concerning the translation, terminology or other content, proofreading and formatting.-  Translation agency in Cologne!


What is a certified translation of documents?

A certified translation is produced by a state-approved or sworn translator who has taken a general oath at a district court or higher regional court in Germany and provided with a certification statement, a round seal and the translator’s signature. The most frequently translated documents include: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of no impediment, diplomas, contracts, notarial deeds, and many more.

How much does a certified translation cost?

We offer certified translations at a price fixed at a standard rate per document. Usually, we have to view the documents first before we can provide you with an exact price. A single-page Master’s or Bachelor’s degree may cost between €35 and €55 plus 19% VAT. The section pricing for certified translations contains guide prices for selected documents in the language pair German-English.

Please send us your documents by e-mail or fill out our contact form on the main page to receive a non-binding quote.


How long will it take to create a certified translation?

The time needed usually hinges on:

  • the volume of the documents
  • the language pair to be translated
  • the extent of complex formatting work necessary to be performed (tables, charts etc). We ordinarily need one to two working days for a single-page birth certificate. A multipage Diploma of Higher Education takes us about five to six working days.

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Specialisation ensures high quality and expertise. We create professional and excellent specialised translations for business, industrial and private customers.

Do you need a certified translation? We translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of no impediment, rulings, contracts, diplomas, certificates, and many more.

Part of our expertise is to provide technical, medical and scientific translations at consistent quality with the aid of CAT software.

We perform interpreting services for the notary, the authorities, the court, lawyers, at trade fairs and company functions as well as all types of events.

We offer to review the linguistic and stylistic quality of your texts, with a focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and use of terminology.

Aside from translation and interpreting, we also provide additional services, such as copywriting.



Banking and finance

E-commerce and trade


Marketing and PR

QUALITY – We emphasise quality

The following quality characteristics define our translations:

Qualified native speakers of the target language carry out the translation

We employ CAT tools (computer-assisted translation software), such as SDL Trados™ 2019, to translate specialist texts

We utilise terminology management systems to create company-specific glossaries/termbases

True-to-original formatting

We review the translation following the four-eyes principle (a second translator checks the translation for correctness)

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