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Data privacy: Your content is stored exclusively on servers located in Germany. Your documents will remain strictly confidential. Translations are created in compliance with strict data privacy and security requirements. SSL encryption.

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Specialised translations for companies

* All the prices indicated above are subject to 16% VAT.

The price of a specialised translation will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Language pair¹
  • Word count in the source text²
  • Specialist field
  • Delivery date³
  • Additional services (Desktop Publishing4)

¹ The source and target languages ​​may differ substantially depending on the language pair. If the target language is a Romance language like French, the translated text is usually about 10 to 15 per cent longer than the German source text.
² Prices may be significantly lower, depending on the number of repetitions in the text.
³ Urgent requests may be subject to a surcharge of 30 to 50 per cent depending on the urgency of the request.
⁴ We translate the following file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, XML and many more. You receive your document in the original layout. Specific file formats like PDF or JPEG cannot be converted at all or only with great effort. Processing such files is, therefore, more complex and consequently more cost-intensive. Editing Microsoft Word files, which can be overwritten, requires little effort and is thus more affordable.

DTP refers to Desktop Publishing. The term refers to tasks such as adjusting the formatting and page layout of files or converting them into an editable file format.


Please get in touch with us in good time if you would like to commission a large translation project (in several languages). It permits us to prepare it and schedule you in.

Internal records/documentation are among the most sensitive document types. We, therefore, place great importance to confidentiality and discretion. We happily sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement in advance (we gladly provide you with a sample). Don’t hesitate to contact us!


We have four compelling reasons for creating specialised translations with SDL Trados Studio 2019:

  • Reduction of translation costs
    Lower costs and shorter delivery times since repeated words, segments and sentences can be used as pre-existing entries in the translation memory.
  • Ensuring the quality and consistency of a translation
    Ability to create individual client-specific glossaries with company terminology (terminology database with essential terms and text segments) to be consistent in the use of client-internal terms in the current project and all follow-up projects.
  • Control over your resources
    In the digital age, information privacy is indispensable for any company. This means that only you get to decide who can access your resources and when.
  • Increase in productivity
    SDL Trados allows you to analyse the document to be translated in a fraction of a second by determining the total number of words and repetitions, thus giving you an accurate picture of project time and cost planning.
    Thus, enabling you to handle the increase in translation volume and the introduction of new translation service providers swiftly and efficiently.